October 30, 1870 – October 30, 2020

Music Director/Conductor Mike Benshish 847-738-0336
President Frank Potempa 847-296-2568

Treasurer John Flader 847-774-3283
Corresponding Secretary Dan Boyle 312-330-1450
Membership Chairman Howard Larson 847-489-0006
Webmaster Bill Johnson 847-541-1585
Normennenes Singing Society rehearses every Tuesday evening at the Estonian House in Lincolnshire, Illinois, from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. There are no rehearsals the months of July and August. If you would care to see what we are all about just show up at a rehearsal or call one of the people listed for any other information you may need. We welcome all interested singers.
  • We are 3/10's of a mile north of the intersection of Milwaukee Avenue and Deerfield Road.
  • We are East, down Estonian Lane.
  • The Estonian House is on the left side just past the only house on the street.
  • Turn left and park in front of the building.

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Aurora Borealis over Tromsų

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