Normennenes Recipe Book 

Open-Face Sandwiches

Contributed by Grete T. — 2015


These small sandwiches can be used as an entree, light buffet, luncheon or snack.
Types of sandwiches
Egg and Anchovey with dill (in Norwegian they are called – Fast Følle)
Scrambled Egg and Salmon with dill
Roast Beef
Silde Salat (See Sildesalat recipe in Salads)
Egg Salad
King OscarTM Sardines
The combinations are endless. Decorate your sandwiches with cucumber, pickles, parsley, dill, tomato slices, onion slices, or peppers. You can use anything that will make the sandwich look colorful and appetizing. You can use French bread sliced on an angle, cocktail rye or whatever bread you choose. Sauces for meats can include mayonnaise, mayonnaise with sour cream with chopped pickles and Vandalia onions, mayonnaise and horseradish, mayonnaise with capers or whatever sauce you prefer. These are a pictures of a few open-face sandwich trays.