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Practical Singing Tips (especially during COVID 19 Lockdown) 11/10/20


It might seem counter intuitive to work on breathing since we do it all day long without even thinking about it. But since many of us are cooped up at home or have limited amounts of time outside, we DO breathe differently. Here are a couple of tips for better and more expanded breathing.

  1. Frequently throughout your day stop just for a minute inhale a deep breath in keep for about 5 seconds and let it gently out. 3 or 4times in a row. (What does this do for you?) It actually oxygenates your body at an increased level…Not like a brisk walk or run…but still it helps your body. It also gently expands your lungs tbit beyond normal at rest breathing. The more expansion of your lungs the better control you have talking and singing. Do this especially in the morning as you rise, often during the day and then as you lay down to sleep. You might find yourself dropping off to sleep a little faster.
  2. Sing whenever you have the opportunity. We all have songs that float around in our heads or that we remember fondly. Sing them out loud somewhere in the house or in the car. Sing all the time thoug… whenever you are able.
  3. Many of us find ourselves in church on Sunday and in those hymnals are some chestnuts you really like to belt out! Ask your Pastor and Music Director if you might borrow a choral copy and take it home to keep your Voice intact. Unless I miss my guess, safety protocols are not allowing people to sing, choirs to sing, or to use the books in church at this time. Remember, when you are sing of course you are breathing, however to get and control your sound you need expand our volume of air. That's a start.
  4. This one tip gives you permission to stare at yourself in the mirror! If you have a full sized one, so much the better. I want you to stand and stare at yourself in the mirror, then pretend as if you are about to sing with the group. Take a couple of those big breaths of air, and notice your posture. You need to have shoulders squared up, arms down and relaxed. Head is squared away horizontally.
More tips and reminders coming…:
I will always try to explain. And none will Override another if I can help it. One last thing…I'd keep the heavy breathing to interiors of the car or house. Heavy breathing in publi…not so good.

Lev Sangen!
Chuck Kessell