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Director's Chat. January 22, 2021

Brothers, Social Members, family and friends of Normennenes;

January has been tough. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Thor Fjell's family who are mourning his loss, as are we. Thor was a long time member of Normennenes, I believe President of same for some decades. He was into everything Norwegian, and all sorts of organizations sought his help, which was gladly given. Thor had a true salesman's heart, but at the same time was glad in general to be around people and enjoyed the gift of gab with any and all….

Rest in peace my friend, and that comes from my heart, you are a friend. I hope the heavenly choirs let you right in without too many rehearsals! Or think of it this way, I'm sure if there are rehearsals, the break time with goodies will be heavenly! Guys, I know you know what I'm speaking about. Peace My Brother, time for you to steal away.

Other business. Get vaccinated as soon as you are able please. This will enable us to start back together sooner.

I have officially asked the Grieg Ladies to come under our umbrella, working both as their own group and as an SATB larger chorus with us. The possibilities are much greater for us that way. They are considering this at the moment. They have already said they would, but I think normalizing it and working together is a much better idea. More soon.

Most of the grant makers are in semi-hiatus at the moment, but I have tentative dates when they will begin again. Some of them switched to COVID help for the time being. I have been all over them and am continuing to work this angle.

The next strategic plan is to recruit like crazy. That's going to take some work. I'm in, and I need your help. Gents, call any guys you think might be interested, and aside from talking us up, send them to the website. You are also free to give my number as well. All hands on deck. I have a feeling the people who like doing volunteer singing are getting out of habit and will do one of two things when COVID allows us some freedoms. An object at rest tends to stay at rest … they won't come back or join, now that they are habituated into stasis. We can start inertia with recruiting and having a public view that is dynamic.

Also, I need pictures of Normennenes: I don't care from what era, or activity, just as long as it has us doing something. Pics of the recent past, or long ago. Send them on to Bill, and he'll edit them. My thanks to everyone for hanging in there, Mike, Frank, John, Bill and the rest of you.

And of course Lev Sangen! Tusen Tak!

Lev Sangen!
Chuck Kessell